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Bled with its 501 m height above sea level belongs among jewels of Slovenia, the country on sunny side of Alps. It is an Alpine gem situated on the edge of Triglav National Park, the only one of this kind in Slovenia that covers practically the entire Julian Alps within Slovene territory and was named after its highest peak and the highest Slovene mountain Triglav (2.864 m).

It gets the fabulous and miraculous picture of marvellous and enchanting Bled Lake with an island, the Church of St. Marija and the wishing bell at the centre, mysterious ancient clifftop castle and its surroundings full of mountains and peaks that will impress in your memory for all times. Its mild and healthy sub-Alpine climate offers the longest swimming season of any Alpine resort, because the ridges of the Julian Alps and the Karavanke Mountains protect it from the chilly northern winds. Bled is also well known after its culinary symbol, delicious cream cake.

Numerous different natural and cultural sights, the serenity, the sun and the fresh alpine air guaranteeing an ideal base of a pleasant, relaxing break or an active holiday. That’s why Bled attracts people from all over the world – as businessmen as artists, athletes, explorers, sport enthusiasts, the old and the young. Everyone is fascinated by its beauty that enchantes them to return again and again.

After tiring day you are most welcome to come to Pension Bled, out of town hustle. It is a newly opened, peaceful and homelike place. It enables you to take some time to breathe, to relax and get together for new challenges.


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